Hi, I'm Eric. I'm a software engineer in the SF Bay Area with over 10 years of professional experience in software development, performance engineering, and release engineering. I've worked for several technology companies ranging from early-stage startups, to large, public corporations. Most recently, an interest in the financial markets took me down another career path as an independent stock trader, where I was able to apply my software skills to identifying trading opportunities in the stock market.

One of my side hobbies for many years has been online retail arbitrage. I enjoy writing code that can help uncover price discrepancies, locate arbitrage opportunities, and automate the menial, time-consuming tasks involved with retail arbitrage. I've been an Ebay seller for over 12 years with over 8800 transactions on Ebay and Amazon FBA.

I have a pretty broad technology background, but my most recent experience has been developing with Javascript (ES6), React, Redux, NodeJS, and Python. I use MongoDB, and MariaDB for most of my recent side-projects. However, in the past I've done a lot of work in other languages and frameworks as well.

I'm actively looking for freelance, full-time, and part-time software development opportunities.

Location: SF Bay Area
Email: eric.q.chu@gmail.com
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